The Standard Yacht boat is a 72’ yacht built by luxury US yacht builder Yacht Direct in 2016. This sleek and delightfully decorated yacht is a perfect fit for those seeking a chance to break away from the mediocre events, and dive into a pleasure-seeking adventure on the open water.


The Standard Yacht lives up to the name between her modern-styled rooms, welcoming natural tones, and intimate comfort. One can truly experience refreshing new scenery and share timeless moments in her main salon, which expands into a seating area and rows of viewing windows across long walls. The Standard Yacht hosts formal dining in the salon and includes a complete galley on board to boot. Her one-of-a-kind cabins provide dreamy living with its 4 bedroom interior. Truly San Diego's premier luxury yacht rental experience. 


The outside decks are where all the magic happens. With 360-degree views from the front of the boat and the top of the boat, this yacht was made for dreamers.

San Diego Luxury Yacht Rental

Luxury Yachting Experience

See San Diego's premier luxury yacht in action. Whether you're looking for an unforgettable celebration or fun time out with your family, Standard Yacht has you covered.